Insubordinate France will seize the Council of State

The coordinator of LFI, Manuel Bompard, denounces a “democratic confiscation” of the presidential camp after the unraveling of the proposal of the Liot group, Wednesday, in committee.

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Manuel Bompard, coordinator of La France insoumise ALAIN JOCARD / AFP

Insubordinate France will not stop there. This was assured this Sunday by the coordinator of LFI, Manuel Bompardafter the adoption of the bill of Liot group, which sought to repeal retirement at age 64. A text emptied of its substance by the presidential camp which managed to get a “deletion amendment” of Article 1. “There was a democratic robbery on the part of the presidential minority and the President of the National Assembly.retorted Manuel Bompard on the set of Cnews.

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After the deletion of article 1, the deputies of Nupes, and particularly of La France insoumise, tabled more than a thousand amendments on Wednesday in an attempt to delay the final vote. Faced with a flagrant case of“parliamentary filibuster”the president of the Social Affairs Committee, Fadila Katthabi (Renaissance), decided not to “examine”. A strategy implemented after “having discussed it with the President of the National Assembly”but without convening the office of the commission, as is however the custom. “No article of the regulations or of the Constitution allows him to refuse a right that is an element of any democracy”, pointed out Manuel Bompard. Put under pressure by the socialist benches, the president of the commission ended up convening a bureau, confirming her first decision to cancel the sub-amendments of the left.

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Too late, however, for La France insoumise, determined to “seize the Council of State” to decide the constitutionality of the maneuver. If the high court decides “incompetent” on the subject, the movement will seize “the European Court of Human Rights”warned Manuel Bompard. “We will not let it happen that, because just one person decides, opposition deputies no longer have the right to table amendments to a text”warned the relative of Jean-Luc Melenchon.

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