Insect potions: How to help bumblebees, bees etc. on World Bee Day

For World Bee Day
Insect potions: How to support butterflies, bees, bumblebees, etc.

By setting up an insect drinker in the garden or on the balcony, you can help small beneficial insects find water.

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The habitat of insects is shrinking and with it the number of animals. What can you do to counteract the decline in insects? An insect potion in the garden or on the balcony helps.

When temperatures rise, people aren’t the only ones looking to cool down. Bumblebees, bees and the like also depend on the cool water. Due to shrinking habitat and the negative effects of agriculture, animals are finding it increasingly rare to do so naturally. The small beneficial insects need the water to quench their thirst and also to build nests. You can provide useful support to the animals by setting up an insect trough. Here you can find out what you need to pay attention to and how to build your own insect potion.

Setting up insect potions: This is how it works

Finding a suitable water source is often difficult for insects. Their habitat is disappearing as people expand and agriculture reduces the quality of those who remain. If insects discover the cool water, they need a suitable landing place in order to be able to drink. The risk of drowning should not be underestimated, as this can prevent the small animals from taking in water.

Insect drinkers are therefore adapted to the beneficial insects and, with suitable landing places, enable safe drinking. The water cannot be deep and there needs to be elevations on which the animals can land. You have the choice between practical ones Insect drinkersthat were designed especially for your visitors and those that you can build yourself. The former already have safe landing areas and only need to be filled with water. However, the latter only require a few materials and can be built quickly.

Find the right place for the insect potion

Place the insect drinker in a sunny, warm and, if possible, windless place. The proximity to bee- and bumblebee-friendly plants is ideal. You should change the water at regular intervals to avoid the development of pathogens.

Do-it-yourself water trough for insects

You only need a few things to make your own insect potion. The basis is a shallow bowl, which can be dishes or a small bird bath. The insects need landing places to protect themselves from drowning in the cool water. It is best to fill the shallow bowl with small stones, wood or plant materials such as moss on which the insects can land safely.


Build insect potions

If small landing places in the form of stones, wood or plants are placed in the insect drinker, fill them with fresh water. Make sure that half of the stones stick out of the water. You can spread some moss between the stones and on the edge of the trough so that the insects have enough space to create enough landing spots.

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