Injured on the Düsseldorfer Kö: 84-year-old races with the car in passers-by

Status: 23.11.2022 06:46 a.m

Early on Tuesday evening, an 84-year-old SUV driver caused an accident on the Düsseldorf shopping street on Königsallee. Six people were injured.

The police are assuming it was an accident and not an attack. An 84-year-old lost control of his car early Tuesday evening and then drove into parked e-scooters, a police spokesman said.

Several people were taken away by ambulance

Six people were injured, two of them seriously. At first there was talk that they were in mortal danger, but later the police gave the all-clear: there was no mortal danger. Two injured belong to a private security company, they guarded a jewelry store.

The accident happened at the edge of the Christmas market, which is currently being set up along the Kö. Two parked cars were badly damaged. On his accidental trip over the Kö, the driver had also rammed street signs and knocked over several parked e-scooters and bollards.

The cause of the accident is unclear, but human error is assumed, the police spokesman said. Diffuse light conditions and the drizzle may have played a role. The driver is said to have overlooked a red traffic light at the beginning of his journey, according to investigators. The driver and his passenger were shocked. The Kö was closed to traffic for more than three hours.


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