Injections directly into high schools where “many young people do not want to hear about it”

At “almost 16”, Georges himself chose to be vaccinated. The teenager who made his entry in second in Nice, took advantage of the ephemeral center installed this Thursday in his high school Guillaume-Apollinaire to receive a first dose of the Pfizer formula. “My parents are both vaccinated and I found it normal to do so too,” he said before the injection. However, it is an exception. “In my class, I’m the only one and I feel like a lot of kids don’t want to hear about it. “

For their return to school, only 20 high school students responded on Thursday in this establishment in the east of Nice where the metropolis and its Health, Environmental and Risk Management Agency (Asser) offered vaccines in the still unoccupied dining hall.

“We are not here to encourage them”

“We even had some pretty strong reactions from parents this Thursday morning. And the students do not seem particularly in a hurry, noted on the spot the principal Sylvie Pénicaut. We are not there to encourage them. They are just told that in the event of school trips or travel, they will be asked for the health pass. “

According to figures communicated by the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 49.3% of 12-17 year olds in Paca have received at least one Paca injection, and 34% have benefited from a complete vaccination schedule. “I fear that we are below in this part of Nice with certain districts which have been less mobilized for vaccination”, further specifies the principal of the Guillaume-Apollinaire high school.

Anti-pass and anti-tax events

Bryan, 15, also took the plunge this Thursday. Even if he was not very excited. “My mother encouraged me but my father was against”, he slips. On Wednesday, 200 people demonstrated in front of the rectorate of Nice to protest against the health pass (compulsory for 12-17 year olds from September 30) and the vaccine for children. This Thursday, a new rally was organized opposite the Picasso college in Vallauris.

On the Nice side, the metropolis ensures that it will remain mobilized to support schoolchildren. Christian Estrosi, Thursday on the spot, pointed out “the importance of vaccinating, henceforth the youngest, to avoid already a fifth wave while the fourth is barely coming to an end”.

The 70 establishments (middle and high schools) present in the metropolitan area have been asked to set up new ephemeral centers. “If we have enough requests from parents and the principals agree, we will go directly to meet the students. Otherwise, we will redirect them to other traditional vaccination sites, ”says Véronique Borré, director of Asser.

63% vaccinated in Paca

As of August 31, 832,230 inhabitants of the Alpes-Maritimes department had received at least one injection of an anti-Covid-19 vaccine, according to the latest data communicated by the Paca regional health agency. Across the region, 63% of the general population (over 12 years of age) are in the case of a complete vaccination schedule. And this rate is higher for 18-24 year olds (64.8%) than for people between 25 and 39 years old (62.1%).

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