Ingvild Richardsen researches the beginnings of the Munich women’s movement – Munich


Sabine Reithmaier

Ingvild Richardsen talked almost continuously for three hours, only sipping her coffee briefly in between. She listed one project after the other, described exhibitions and archive finds and raved about the great women whose lives she is researching. Is it possible that she is obsessed with her work? The question pauses for a moment. No, the literary scholar then says. She is not obsessed. Rather, a sense of responsibility compels them to keep going. “Most of the time I discover new documents by accident and think I have to work on them now, otherwise they will remain lying around for another 30 years.” And that, she says, is unfair to the women artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries, whose careers were abruptly ended in most cases by the National Socialists.

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