Influencer only washes her hair once a month

Watch the video: Influencer only washes her hair once a month – “My curls have never been better”.

An unusual hygiene routine: 27-year-old Sarah only washes her hair every two months.

As an influencer, the Brit inspires several thousand users on Instagram and Tiktok. There she also shares insider tips about her hair care.

Like many people, Sarah initially washes her hair every two to three days.

But two years ago she started to change her routine. The reason for this was a tip from her hairdresser to wash her hair less, as this would strengthen her curls.

So the 27-year-old decides to only wash her hair once a month. After just a few weeks, she already notices a change.

She hasn’t washed her hair for almost two months now. Instead, she regularly uses dry shampoo.

She regularly gets compliments on her full and, above all, healthy head of hair. But this hair routine is not an option for everyone.

Proper hair care depends on the hair type. Experts confirm again and again that washing your hair too often is more harmful. But the length and the structure of the hair also play a role here.

How often you should wash your hair is different for everyone. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

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