Inflation: Metal pay round close to deal – Economy

In the most important collective bargaining round of the year, an agreement is approaching. Trade unionist Roman Zitzelsberger would recommend himself for the IG Metall leadership. If there is still a bang, heavy strikes will probably be decided that night.


Alexander Hageluken

In the 2020/21 wage round, Roman Zitzelsberger was still ready to cook. During a warning strike, he fried shakshuka, Middle Eastern spicy food, in the pan. Some trade unionists mocked what that was supposed to mean. Hobby cook Zitzelsberger, full-time Baden-Württemberg district manager of IG Metall, replied in a good mood that serious things can be conveyed in an entertaining way. In fact, he has been cooking all his life: “I was already pushing a chair in front of the stove at the age of four to sizzle something.”

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