Inflation and a mood of crisis give trade a bad year – Bavaria

High inflation and a general mood of crisis have brought Bavaria’s retail trade a bad year: in 2022, sales grew by almost five percent nominally, but after adjusting for inflation they fell by more than three percent in real terms. This was announced by the State Statistical Office in Fürth on Thursday.

This reflects an obvious reluctance to buy on the part of customers. However, this does not apply to all branches of retailing to the same extent: Supermarkets and online and mail order businesses suffered the most, with sales shrinking not only in real terms but even in nominal terms. Specialty shops, on the other hand, apparently saw an increase in demand again: According to the state office, “retail trade in sales rooms” reported a nominal increase in sales of 9.9 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. Adjusted for inflation, that was still a real plus of 1.2 percent.

Among others, the sellers of household appliances, textiles, shoes, do-it-yourself needs and furniture, sports, toys and pharmacies have benefited. The sales of the car dealers are not included in the figures. However, December was particularly bad in all branches of retail, for many shops – physical and online – the most important month. The State Office put the drop in retail sales overall at 9.2 percent compared to December 2021.

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