Infections skyrocket – Ebersberg

The corona incidence in the Ebersberg district continues to rise by leaps and bounds. According to the Robert Koch Institute, it was just below 400 at the end of last week, but the value is now already approaching the 500 mark. According to a press release from the District Office, the seven-day incidence is currently 478.9. The value indicates how many people per 100,000 inhabitants have been newly infected with the corona virus in the past seven days. Expressed in numbers, a total of 1058 people from the Ebersberg district have currently tested positive for the virus.

Over half of the Ebersbergers already have the booster

In the district clinic, 20 patients with Covid-19 disease are currently being treated. 16 come from the district of Ebersberg. Six of the sick are not vaccinated at all, five are not fully vaccinated. A person has a full vaccination. Four patients also have a booster vaccination, the vaccination status of four other sick people is not known. One of the corona patients who have not been fully vaccinated has to be supplied and ventilated in the intensive care unit. There are also ten suspected Covid 19 cases in the clinic.

The vaccination quota for the Ebersberg district is 69.40 percent. This means that 99,995 people received an initial vaccination. This is the second time that 98,874 people from the district have been vaccinated, and 72,073 people who have been vaccinated have already received a third vaccination – which is just over half of the population of the district. If you want to make an appointment for a corona vaccination, you can go to to register.

Vaccination without an appointment is well received

On Epiphany and last weekend, a total of 1140 people took advantage of the offer to be vaccinated at the vaccination center in Ebersberg and the branch in Poing without making an appointment in advance, according to the district office. Most of them, namely 885, got a booster vaccination. At least 62 got a first vaccination and 110 got a second vaccination. 83 children under the age of twelve also received a corona vaccination.

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