Indian Temple Introduces Robotic Elephant – Panorama

Humans are resourceful when it comes to treating animals. He sits on it to get away, plucks it so its feathers keep him warm, and puts it in down jackets like that because he loves it. He breeds it until it can barely breathe and stuffs it into its own intestines to eat.

Somehow he’s just an animal, man.

But then he also noticed that you can replace animals. That a car has more horsepower than a horse, that the tractor digs the field more reliably than the ox, that fur can also be made from synthetic fibers and leather from cacti. You can even get the chirping of birds into the bathroom without the blackbirds getting on your nerves at 5 a.m. in the morning.

A mechanical elephant has now moved into a temple in the southern Indian state of Kerala. again Indian Express reported. It is common among believers in the state to chain, saddle and decorate elephants for ritual festivals. Torment for the animals, as animal rights activists repeatedly complain. Thousands of elephants live there in captivity. So animal rights group Peta sponsored a life-size, 800-pound robot with a rubber-skinned iron frame and a steerable trunk. It has also proven itself in ritual. The priest hopes that other temples will also do without live elephants in the future.

For all we know, the robofant doesn’t leave a mess, nor is it hunted for its ivory. And with regular maintenance, it may have a record-breaking life expectancy, even for an elephant.

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