Income tax explodes – tax shock for retirees! – Business

What does the state have against recipients of medium pensions?

For them the tax burden EXPLODED!

BILD has the exact numbers:

► Anyone who retires in 2021 and receives a gross pension of 1500 euros per month must pay 454 euros in income tax calculated on this.

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That is about FOUR TIMES as much as ten years ago, when this amount of 110 euros was due (plus 354 euros). This emerges from new figures from the Federal Ministry of Finance.

► New pensioners who receive a gross monthly pension of 1700 euros this year have to pay almost TWO AND A HALF TIMES as much income tax as they did ten years ago.

A total of 807 euros tax per year is now due, in 2011 it would have been only 336 euros (plus 471 euros) with the same amount of remuneration.

► Pensions of 1200 euros per month are less affected: a total of 27 euros will be due on them in the current year. Until 2018, however, no income tax had to be paid on this amount.

In 2020, men received an average of 1,227 euros net per month in old-age pensions (excluding disability or widow’s pensions). For women, the amount was 800 euros net. Around one in three pensioners already pays income tax – and the trend is rising!

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