In the pandemic: Kiefer Sutherland quits smoking

In the pandemic
Kiefer Sutherland quits smoking

Kiefer Sutherland has managed to quit smoking. Photo: Jörg Carstensen / dpa

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The cigarette was a must for Kiefer Sutherland during filming. Then came the pandemic and the actor took a deep breath.

On the film set, on the street, in the bar: Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland (55) has been photographed with a cigarette time and again in the past few decades – that’s over for the time being.

The Canadian actor surprisingly admits he hasn’t smoked for a year and a half. “We are in the middle of a respiratory disease pandemic. If there is a good time to quit smoking, then it is probably now, ”Sutherland told the German Press Agency.

He also used the professional break during the pandemic. Because he never wanted to stop while filming a series or a film. “That would probably have been very stressful and I would not have been the nicest person during that time.”

The voice has changed

The star from series such as “24” or “Designated Survivor” called smoking in 2017 in the British “Guardian” his “most unattractive habit”. Even now he misses it every now and then. “If I have a whiskey, I don’t mind. But I always had a ritual in the morning: I took a shower, got ready and then smoked a cigarette. I loved the ritual and I miss it. “

The actor and singer, who will be releasing his third album “Bloor Street” in the coming week, has noticed the effects of not smoking. “I sing higher now. At least it changed my singing voice considerably. “


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