In the North, Castex tries to rehabilitate the image of a Macron close to the French

Jean Castex was on a mission Tuesday in the North for its president, with the main objective of softening the image of the candidate for his re-election. During his trip, the Prime Minister thus disagreed with the idea of ​​a “haughty, who does not listen” Emmanuel Macron, describing him on the contrary as full of “consideration” for the French people he wants. “alleviate suffering”.

Emmanuel Macron “is an extremely committed man, who has a vision of the country but also has a deep knowledge of his fellow citizens”, assured Jean Castex during a public meeting in Halluin, a town on the Belgian border which granted 30 .19% of votes to Marine Le Pen in the first round, ahead of Emmanuel Macron (28.08%).

Insisting on the ability of the outgoing president to make difficult but essential decisions for the future, the Matignon tenant mentioned the pension reform, believing that “it is better to shift the retirement age to allow millions of retirees to live better, to have a better dependency”.

Darmanin to tackle Le Pen

In front of some 300 people, the Prime Minister, on the other hand, left it to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who was accompanying him, to attack Marine Le Pen, his “unfundable program”, his “demagogy” and his “promises without next day “.

On the question of France’s place within the European Union, “any step back would be deadly”, further warned Jean Castex, assuring that the EU had ceased “to be only a place of free trade” to become increasingly political under the French Presidency of the Council.

Castex advocates “reindustrialization”

During this trip to the North, the Prime Minister first visited the weaving company Lemaitre Demeestere, whose linen products are 100% made in France, welcoming the relocation of spinning activities, accompanied by the revival, and the potential of this sector. While saying he understood the “concern” of the French, he praised the “reindustrialization” carried out under this five-year term, insisting on its compatibility with the ecological transition.

“At the end of the end, in the secrecy of the voting booth, everyone must say to themselves ‘what is best for my country, who will safeguard the identity, the values ​​on which the country is based?’ “, he then summarized during a stroll in the city center of Halluin. He will know Sunday evening at 8 p.m. if the French had the same answer as him to this question. In the meantime, the debate this Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. between the two finalists should bring some elements to the questions of the French.

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