In the middle of Unterhaching – The foster father trembles too – District of Munich

Because Karim Adeyemi, a home-grown SpVgg Unterhaching, is currently thriving at Red Bull Salzburg and in the German national team, big clubs pull out their wallets and President Manni Schwabl is happy. In the case of a transfer, the Hachinger collectors

After the game, Karim Adeyemi couldn’t evade, Manni Schwabl had already hugged him tightly. Watched live on television after the 19-year-old’s debut with the first goal in the national soccer team on Sunday in Stuttgart in a 6-0 win against Armenia. Except for the parents, nobody should be as proud of the young national player as the president of the Unterhaching game association. Because he had recognized Adeyemi’s talent, who had been sorted out early on at Bayern as a ten-year-old due to disciplinary problems, and put him on the track. It was not easy with the “little Bazi” Karim. “I went to school with him more often than with my own children. There was always something,” said Schwabl humorously last in the BR. And when Adeyemi got bad grades, he was banned from training and games, which annoyed the fellow so much that he pulled himself out at 14 and graduated.

For Schwabl and SpVgg, the educational commitment has already paid off: The jewel was sold to Red Bull Salzburg for three million euros in 2018. Money that was urgently needed at the time to secure the club’s liquidity and to modernize the east stand in the sports park. “We should actually call it the Karim Adeyemi grandstand,” says Schwabl. The next payday is sure to come, thanks to his performances in the Austrian league (six goals in the first six games of the season) and his debut with national coach Flick, some big clubs have already pulled out their wallets – allegedly Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and even his former club FC Bayern want commit the youngster. And Haching cashes in heavily in the event of a transfer, Schwabl should have guaranteed a resale share in the deal with Salzburg.

Incidentally, not all SpVgg fans are so enthusiastic about the hype surrounding their former youth football team. There are rumors on Facebook that Schwabl should rather take care of stopping the club’s current decline. One writes: “We are currently heading for derbies against Deisenhofen and Pullach, but the main thing is that the club boasts that years ago they trained a player who is now a national player. You can see what our current youth work is worth in the regional league. “


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