In the middle of Ebersberg: The best way to Rome – Ebersberg

As is well known, all roads lead to Rome. However, some are clearly better than the others. One of the best ways doesn’t lead directly to the Italian capital, but it does make it pleasantly easy through the center of Ebersberg. Only until recently it was impassable. Due to construction work, the passage through the Oberer Markt, which runs from the town hall via an inner courtyard up to Heinrich-Vogl-Straße, had to be closed for several months.

This turned out to be a problem for pedestrians who were traveling from the north of the center of Ebersberg to the south of the center or vice versa. For hungry professionals, for example, the way to the rich lunch buffet around the Ebersberg shopping center became a real odyssey, as they were now forced to take the unnecessary detour along Eberhardstraße. Sausage rolls, pizza, doner kebabs and the like moved back by at least 30 seconds on the already tight schedule of a lunch break. An eternity for a growling editor’s stomach!

These extra meters finally made the walker aware of a second problem that the county seat has been groaning for years: the thundering traffic noise of the vehicle caravan that presses through the center of Ebersberg day in and day out. But while the articulated lorries rumble along Eberhardstrasse, Heinrich-Voglstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse, the passage through the Oberer Markt is like an oasis of relaxation.

Passers-by have recently been able to immerse themselves in it again, because the passage shines in new splendor just in time for the beginning of spring: freshly paved, with electronic bollards and, above all, without a site fence, which recently represented an insurmountable obstacle. The way to lunch far away from the busy streets is free again! If the city were to paint a zebra crossing on Heinrich-Vogl-Strasse, Rome could be stolen forever.

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