In the house of US President Biden: Investigators find more documents

Status: 01/22/2023 02:48 am

US Department of Justice officials searched President Biden’s home and discovered other secret documents. It’s not the first discovery, but the President is relaxed.

Other classified documents have been found in US President Joe Biden’s private home. Department of Justice officials searched the home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday and discovered six other documents, Biden’s attorney, Bob Bauer, said.

“The Justice Department has seized materials it believes fall within the scope of its investigation, including six documents marked confidential.” said farmer. Some of the documents are said to date from Biden’s time as vice president, the rest from his time as a Senator.

special investigators deployed

Confidential government documents in Biden’s possession have been found several times in recent weeks. First in an office he used to use, then also in private rooms in Delaware and Washington. The White House only acknowledged some of these finds when the media reported on them.

A special investigator is now investigating the case. “We are fully cooperating and look forward to resolving this matter quickly,” Biden said in response to reporter questions during a visit to California.

“I think you’ll find out there’s nothing there.” It turned out that “a handful of documents had been filed in the wrong place,” said the US President. The White House repeatedly emphasized that Biden’s lawyers immediately turned over the documents to the National Archives, which is responsible for safekeeping.

Documents also found at Trump

The case is also tricky for Biden because he invites comparisons with ex-US President Donald Trump: investigators found hundreds of secret documents on his property in Florida. A special investigator was also deployed here.

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