in the Assembly, the National Rally denounces “a text of abandonment”

It’s the first day of the rest of the end-of-life debate. On Monday, May 27, deputies will examine the bill aimed at authorizing assistance in dying and strengthening palliative care. While the text is examined in its amended version in committee, the Minister of Health, Catherine Vautrin, called for a return to the initial eligibility criteria for access to assisted dying. Want to modify these conditions, “this upsets the balance of this bill”, she warned. The various political groups then took the floor, the National Rally denouncing in particular “a text of abandonment”.

The examination of the text must last two weeks, until June 7, the time to study the approximately 3,300 amendments tabled, before a solemn vote scheduled for June 11. The bill will then head to the Senate, where it could be debated in the fall, a new stage in a long legislative process which should not lead to final adoption before the summer of 2025. Follow our live stream.

The general rapporteur denies any “revolution” in committee. MoDem deputy Olivier Falorni believes that “the balance” from the government text “has not been modified” by the adjustments made by the deputies in committee. Replacement of the vital prognosis criterion “engaged in the short or medium term” by that of affection “in advanced or terminal phase” born “not intended to open or restrict” access to assistance in dying, but to remove any vagueness and allow the law to be “applicable”he insisted, Monday morning, on franceinfo.

The government defends palliative care. Catherine Vautrin recalled, Monday morning, that the government intended “invest now” in palliative care, “even before the text is voted on”. “The objective is palliative care for everyone. (…) No one in France should be led to ask for assistance in dying because they have not had palliative care”she declared at the microphone of BFMTV, recalling that, “when a patient who is not in palliative care requests assistance in dying, the first offer that will be made to them will be to benefit from palliative care”.

#WeAnswer. Our journalist Yann Thompson participated in a question and answer session in this live, at midday, to answer your questions about assisted dying, palliative care and end of life. You can find this exchange in an article published on our site.

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