In the Assembly, the Macron camp plays “obstruction” to block the reintegration of non-vaccinated caregivers

This bill was defended by the Insoumise Caroline Fiat. THOMAS SAMSON / AFP

NARRATIVE – During the LFI parliamentary niche, the deputies in favor of this measure were in the majority in the Hemicycle, which prompted the elected representatives of the presidential camp to play for time. Making the end of the session electric.

The vote was expected to be tight. This text from the LFI parliamentary niche even had a good chance of being adopted. “It can pass, everyone says so“, feared at the start of the evening a macronist strategist, seeing the benches of the presidential camp deserted after the announcement by Aymeric Caron the withdrawal of his bill aimed at abolishing bullfighting.

And the broad rejection of the deletion amendments by Éric Alauzet (Renaissance) and Philippe Juvin (LR) had set the tone, before 8 p.m., indicating to the presidential camp that he was in the minority on this subject in the Hemicycle. “We are not numerous enough, we are going to be rolled“, predicted an elected Renaissance, worried by the turn of events.

Finally, the bill defended by the Insoumise Caroline Fiat aimed at the reintegration of the staff of health establishments not vaccinated against Covid-19 was not adopted. The reason ? It was not voted on, for lack of time. And this, thanks to a totally filibuster…

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