In order to play for Golden State this season, Andrew Wiggins ended up getting the shot.

Golden State winger Andrew Wiggins has been vaccinated against Covid-19 and will therefore be able to play his home team’s games next season in the NBA, his coach Steve Kerr said on Sunday. This possibility of playing was first questioned by his initial refusal to be vaccinated, the NBA having rejected at the end of September his request for exemption on religious grounds.

According to a decision by the San Francisco Department of Health, anyone over the age of twelve must be vaccinated in order to participate in indoor events in the city. “Andrew got the shot,” Steve Kerr said after training. “He just told me today that he wanted to let me know. It’s over and I will no longer answer questions on this subject, ”he added.

90% of players are vaccinated

Health regulations in New York also impose an obligation for athletes to be vaccinated and this concerns Knicks and Brooklyn Nets players. At the Nets, Kyrie Irving has so far declined to comment on his possible vaccination. He, too, will not be able to play for the Nets at home without being vaccinated.

About 90% of NBA players have been given a Covid-19 vaccine but some have declined to say whether or not they have. Steve Kerr clarified that all of his players were now vaccinated. As for Wiggins, he will be able to move from Monday against Portland.

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