In full turmoil, Martine Vassal tries to defend herself on waste management

This was to be one of the key points of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan council. This Thursday, the discussion announced around the report of the regional chamber of accounts, published in the midst of the waste crisis in Marseille, was at least brief, interrupted by the tensions that have characterized the relations between Martine Vassal and Benoît Payan in recent days. .

By way of opening the session, President LR Martine Vassal spoke less about the court’s harsh criticisms on the subject than the current political tsunami that it is suffering, while the Bouches-du-Rhône police headquarters decided to requisition agents to clean streets that remain dirty.

The departure of the mayor of Marseille sets fire to the powder

The president of the metropolis wished to recall the agreement obtained with Force Ouvrière, while aiming, implicitly, the attitude of mayor of Marseille. And to initiate the debate on the question of the future of the metropolis a few days before the visit of the President of the Republic. “This metropolis, no one is happy with it: elected officials, residents and the state. I am not happy either. “

And the departure of Benoît Payan at the beginning of the session, called according to his statements to meet in town hall the wife of Bernard Tapie before the ceremony at the Velodrome, had the effect of igniting the powder in an already extremely tense session. “The mayor of Marseille does not even wait for my answer to leave, gets angry in the tribune Martine Vassal. And then, I am given lessons in sovereignty? This is unacceptable. Martine Vassal’s entourage informed journalists that the president of the metropolis also planned to meet the family of Bernard Tapie without this interfering with the council of the metropolis.

“She must calm down Martine Vassal”

Another lively explanation ensued between Martine Vassal and the left mayor of the 1st sector Sophie Camard, who was refused an intervention on the regional chamber of accounts. “She must calm down Martine Vassal, plague the mayor of the sector Samia Ghali. We were all elected. She doesn’t have to talk like that. “

“It’s been five years that we do nothing on waste, I just wanted to know what we were going to do next, annoys Sophie Camard. We were deprived of debate on waste during the territorial council, we are again deprived of debate during this metropolitan council. I begin to wonder. There are questions anyway, on the overtime of agents or on the tax on household waste which is the highest in Marseille. “

Earlier, during a press conference presented as bearing on this report, the president of the metropolis had swept the questions of journalists on the recommendations of the regional chamber of accounts, arguing the fact that “the metropolis had one year to work on this report ”, without further details. “This report covers the period between 2013 and 2020,” she adds. I would like to remind you that I have been in charge since 2019. ”

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