In Frontignan, hundreds of laughers will curl up on the beach

This year, May 1st falls… on a Sunday. So much for laughing. That’s good: it’s World Laughter Day. And in Frontignan (Hérault), we are going to celebrate the event as it should be. To unhook the jaw. The International School of Laughter, founded in 2002 by Corinne Cosseron, who has made laughter a way of life, organizes a gathering of hundreds of laughers, all day long, on the beach.

On the program, in particular, initiations to rigology, a psycho-corporal practice that spins the banana, or laughter yoga, which consists of relaxing while intentionally laughing. At the end of the morning, the “Greatest burst of laughter in France” will also take place, where as many participants as possible will be invited to laugh. “A record? We don’t care a bit, smiles Corinne Cosseron. Either way, it’s a record! The event is open to everyone, “as much to those who are used to doing it every week, as to those who have never done it in their life, and who wonder, at the beginning, if they are crazy. But I guarantee you that in the end, everyone laughs. »

“When we stop laughing, we break down”

If it is in Frontignan that this immense laughter takes place, it is because Corinne Cosseron created there, twenty years ago, on disembarking from the Paris region, the International School of Laughter. “Yes, when we say ‘Did you do the school of laughter?’, well, we can do it, in fact, for real! she laughs. This structure leads training and workshops, everywhere in France, in companies, around the benefits of laughter. Because laughter, assures Corinne Cosseron, is “essential to health. We all need to laugh 10 to 15 minutes a day to stay healthy. When we stop laughing, we break down. »

During a gathering of laughers from the International School of Laughter – International School of Laughter

At the beginning, when this joker organized her first events, in the open air, she remembers being looked at a little askance. “People wondered if we were crazy,” she recalls. There were calls to the town hall from people saying “There are some weird people on the beach who are jumping and laughing! The first ten years were for me to say, “No, no, we’re not a cult!” » » To thank the commune of Frontignan for having been benevolent towards these laughers, the International School of Laughter will award it the title of Joyful City. The first. “Hoping that others will do it”, elsewhere, in France, hopes Corinne Cosseron.

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