Improved map app: Apple’s bicycle navigation system now also in Germany

Status: 02/17/2023 11:39 a.m

In the competition with Google, Apple is upping the ante: cyclists in Germany can now use Apple’s map app to guide them to their destination. In addition, some cities are now displayed in complex 3D graphics.

If you use a navigation system on your bike, you can now use the Apple Maps app. The navigation with routes for cyclists is now available nationwide, as the iPhone group announced. Google’s map app in Germany already has the function.

The app therefore plans bike-friendly routes. There are filters for the elevation profile, traffic situation and gradients.

Three cities in 3D

In addition, detailed city views with road markings and individual trees in 3D graphics are initially available in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. For the functions, Apple has recorded streets with cameras and laser radar in recent years.

Digital maps have become one of the most important smartphone applications in recent years. Apple originally used Google’s Maps app for its iPhone. Due to the growing competition with the Internet group, Apple has been offering its own range for more than a decade.

The maps also play a key role in services like Carplay and Android Auto, with which Apple and Google automakers are competing for space in in-vehicle infotainment systems.

Also new for pedestrians

With the update, Apple is also making the function available for other German cities, with which pedestrians can use the iPhone camera to orientate themselves at an intersection and have the route displayed on the screen.

After Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, this is now also possible in Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Leipzig and Stuttgart. The function is considered a preview of Apple’s plans for glasses that can, among other things, display route instructions in the user’s field of vision.

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