Imprisonment for tennis ace: Becker will “remain a German sports legend”

Jail sentence for tennis ace
Becker will “remain a German sports legend”

Boris Becker before the sentence was announced on Friday.

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Boris Becker was sentenced to prison on Friday – a sad development for some celebrities.

The German tennis legend Boris Becker (54) has to go to prison for two and a half years for delaying bankruptcy. Some celebrities also commented after the sentence was announced. Becker and his team can still appeal.

Boris Becker as the idol of “all of us”

“Boris Becker was everyone’s idol,” says designer Harald Glööckler (56) in conversation with the “Bild” newspaper. Becker was “literally lifted into the sky” and now “the crash into infinity” followed. He feels sorry for the tennis icon and he doesn’t wish anyone what Becker has to go through.

“I find that very sad. He’s a legend in Germany,” says “Let’s Dance” cult judge Joachim Llambi (57) of the daily newspaper. “But the court found that something wasn’t what it should have been. Then he has to answer for that too.”

Becker “always part of our tennis family”

The verdict is “to be respected, but I’m shocked,” explains Dietloff von Arnim, President of the German Tennis Association (DTB). in an interview with “Sky Sport”. And further: “I actually wish him all the best for the time.” The DTB owes a lot to Becker and if the organization can do something for the ex-tennis star, they want to do it too.

The DTB writes on Twitterthat the verdict was taken note of with regret and that Becker wished him “a lot of strength for the future”. “He will always be part of our tennis family!”

“As sad as it is, the judiciary has made this judgment,” explains Verona Pooth (53) meanwhile the “image”. She also wishes Becker “a lot of strength and that his family and friends will continue to support him. From a friendly and personal point of view, he will always be Boris Becker, our German sports legend, for me.”


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