“I’m thinking too much”… Did the prospect of finding Pouille in the second round cost Paire qualifying?

At Roland Garros,

For his entry into the running at Roland-Garros, this Monday, against Cameron Norrie (epic defeat in 5 sets and 3h33 of play), we thought we did not recognize the Benoît Paire we know, the bloodthirsty, the big mouth who Always makes us love at some point on the court, us, and all his band of punks who form his fan base. We finally found him at a press conference, following a question from a foreign colleague on a mini game fact of no great importance in view of the fight that the two players fought with respect. “Great your question, super interesting, thank you! “. Once the colleague left the room after this bashing in the rules, the Frenchman regained his composure as he had been on the court a few moments earlier.

“There is no frustration, I’m very happy, I’m coming back little by little, I was happy to find Roland. I am 149th in the world, I play Cameron Norrie who is 14th in the world, in five sets, it was a good match for both of us, we fought well. I started the beginning of the year I was 250, I’m 149, I won a Challenger, I made a final, I’m gradually coming back to the level, I feel I still have it, it no worries, he said. The head just needs to come back, it’s been the case since the beginning of the year so here it is, I’m happy with all the efforts I’m making to come back, everything is fine. »

“Why does it get stuck at this time? I don’t know “

The frustration, the entire Lenglen public felt it when, at 4-2 for Paire in the last set, the Frenchman gave easy points and allowed the American to come back into the game and overthrow the table. This is not the first time this season that Benoît Paire has dropped a match when he had everything in hand to win it, enough to feed regrets. Especially when you know that it is a match against the ghost Lucas Pouille which awaited him in the next round. We were salivating in advance. Him too. Maybe that’s what cost him the win.

“Why does it get stuck at this time? Maybe it’s the stress, the fact that I want to do well, I know I’m at Roland and behind I can play Lucas in the second round, he reflected. Maybe I’m thinking too much but I can’t stop thinking. Maybe sometimes you have to be a little dumber to play tennis. Me, it’s difficult in these moments, I ask myself questions, I change my way of playing a little, of serving, I regret a lot of things, it’s a shame but that’s how it will pass . »

A bit like a Lucas Pouille whom he will therefore not find, certainly to a lesser extent, the bearded man is trying to climb the branches of the ATP ranking. He who was at the bottom of the hole a year ago. With a clear objective: “To be in the table in Australia next January. This year is a year of transition for me, I’m really trying to give my all in order to get back into the top 100 and have a great full season again next year. “Now it’s up to us to evacuate the frustration of not seeing a match of foufou against Pouille in the next round, in an atmosphere of Breton fest-noz as we like them.

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