“I’m not asking Setha to forgive me”, testifies Colin, eliminated in episode 9

He wanted to be the first Swiss to win Koh Lanta, he is ultimately the first candidate to be eliminated from the reunited tribe. Colin, ambassador of the yellow team of the season, did not win his duel against Louana. The former leader of the reds wanted to go to the black ball, not him. The young man then eliminated Setha but perhaps should not have made this decision. The next day he was asked to collect his torch. “I knew Setha was going to have harsh words but I put myself in his shoes. I would have said the same thing or even much worse, maybe I would have gotten even more carried away, “he remarks to 20 minutes.

During the ambassadors, you decide to eliminate Setha. Why she ?

It’s a matter of feeling. Setha isn’t a mean person, she’s a nice person but not badly withdrawn, she’s quite disconnected from the group. Sometimes we spent time together and she was alone on the beach. There was less connection with her than with the others. In order not to disappoint the yellows too much, I took that into account.

When Louana tells you that she will release Anne-Sophie, Yannick and Nicolas before you do, you first think of your personal adventure, don’t you?

We go from a good-natured game phase to a very strategic phase. We see it with the elimination of Alexandra, people no longer vote on affect but on strategy. Me, I’m starting to be worried, I tell myself that I have to take the cards in hand. I try to do my best to keep Olga by my side as long as possible and you have to make sacrifices. It obviously hurts my heart but you have to think individually.

When Setha says you’ve been a coward, is that hard to take?

It’s not hard at all to take because I understand his pain and his dismay. She could have said anything, I was there to take it. I knew she was going to have harsh words but I put myself in her shoes. I would have said the same thing or much worse, maybe I would have gotten even more carried away. I understand. She can say what she wants, I take it and it’s normal that I accept what she says.

Today, what is your relationship with Setha?

We didn’t really have any contact, we saw each other again at the premiere but we didn’t talk much. I imagine it was very hard for her and she will never forgive me. I don’t ask him to forgive me because in his place, I’m not sure that I would have forgiven the person who would have done this to me.

At the council, you laugh when your name appears on the first ballots. Why this reaction?

I was not expecting it at all. I thought to myself that someone had hatred against me and put my name without a strategy behind it. I burst out laughing, I wonder who put my name, it’s the first time he’s been out. I’m not completely naive, I knew the alliance wasn’t going to last three councils. I counted on Louana and the reds, who had given their word, to keep their promise on the first council.

When Louana says that she has respected her commitments and that she could not go against the votes of the former reds, what do you think?

It’s bullshit to death. She makes her promise to me on behalf of the whole tribe, she puts everyone’s word on the line. I think she’s had a little heat stroke to come across as reliable. She tries to defend herself as best she can. In this case, she is wrong.

Nicolas says you don’t have a say. Does it make you react?

Before the ambassadors, we go around the table and I am the last to speak. Everyone promises that it will go to the black ball. If I said I wasn’t going, what would the others have done? It would have been a perfect excuse to eliminate me. I honestly doubt Nicolas would have kept his word. We never know what we’re going to do. Me, I knew that I was not going to go there and in addition, there was the curse. It’s very simple for Nicolas to say it. Would he have kept his word? Allow me to doubt it.

Would you have done things differently if you had known you would be out the day after the duel of ambassadors?

I wouldn’t have gone to the black ball, I wouldn’t have played my adventure for Setha. We can always redo the game. When I arrived on the reunited side, I was in a very difficult position: the yellows were hated against me, the reds didn’t know me. I didn’t want to suck it up either, that’s not like me, I just stayed myself. I wanted this day to pass, for us to wipe the slate clean the next day and for me to be able to bond afterwards. I didn’t have time and it’s a shame because I think people regret their decision. Now we see each other outside and I get along very well with most of the people who voted against me. In fact, they didn’t realize that I was a very nice person (laughs).

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