Illegal man sentenced for racist insults against white police officers

On Tuesday, a foreigner in an irregular situation in France was sentenced by the Lille criminal court. The man, who was already the subject of an obligation to leave the territory, attacked the police officers responsible for escorting him to the hospital for treatment. Between death threats and bird names, the man slipped a few words borrowing from “anti-white racism” which did not pass with the agents, reports the Voice of the North.

A 30-year-old, originally from Cameroon but claiming to be of Spanish nationality, was in an administrative detention center awaiting deportation after being subject to an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF). He was taken to the Lille hospital center under police escort for treatment.

“Dirty Whites”

It was once there that he attacked the officials of the border police (PAF), hitting one and insulting them all. Threat to cut them into pieces, obscene remarks about the mothers of the police and a “dirty white”, are the remarks that were dropped by the defendant.

At the hearing, the magistrate held against the man all of his remarks, in particular the contempt of a person holding public authority because of “race, ethnicity or religion”, noted our colleagues. The defendant was imprisoned.

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