Ifo Institute – More short-time work again – Economy

According to the findings of the Ifo Institute, the number of employees on short-time work in Germany has increased significantly. In December it rose to 879,000, as the Munich economic researchers announced. In November the number had stood at 712,000. This increased the proportion of short-time workers from 2.1 percent to 2.6 percent of the workforce. The industry with one of the highest proportions of all short-time employees is the metal and electronics industry. Between August and December this share rose from 24 to 35 percent, announced the employers’ association Gesamtmetall. According to projections by the Ifo Institute, around 308,000 people were on short-time work there in December, 15,000 more than in November. Short-time working is particularly widespread in the automotive industry with 17.6 percent or 166,000 employees.

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