“If it is not Kylian Mbappé, there is no red” … Sainté does not digest “the turning point” of the expulsion

At the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium,

A brilliant stroke of the tandem Khazri-Bouanga (1-0, 23rd), an Etienne Green launched towards the masterclass of his season to resist Kylian Mbappé and Neymar and the return of abundant snowfall conducive to a scenario of madness… This totally unbalanced ASSE-PSG (1-3) was beginning to feel the feat for the red lantern from Saint-Etienne to the approach of half-time. And then everything changed in the 45th minute, on an attack placed by Claude Puel’s players. Yvann Maçon was struck at the start 30 meters from the Parisian goal and remained on the ground (without there being a whistle), then Mahdi Camara recovered and committed a fatal loss of ball.

Because PSG would not miss one of its rare opportunities to launch a sharp counterattack. Angel Di Maria unsurprisingly launches Kylian Mbappé, who has only the Nadé-Kolodziejczak duo on his way. The latter then tries a somewhat desperate tackle. Although retained, his defensive gesture hit the striker of the Blues, who collapsed at 35 meters. Without hesitation, Jérôme Brisard immediately draws the red card for the former Sevilla player.

“There is certainly a fault, but it deserves maximum yellow”

“This refereeing error hit us in the head, regrets Yvann Maçon. Red is tough because he’s not the last defender. “We expected after the match to hear fall this cliché of football completely unfounded. The rules thus refer only to an “annihilation of a clear scoring opportunity”, and nowhere to this history of the last defender position that crosses time. This is where Jérôme Brisard’s controversial decision is interesting, since the inexperienced and hardly supersonic Mickaël Nadé (10 L1 games) was on the same line as Kylian Mbappé at the time of the foul.

“It is severe because it is not an attack and that there is Nadé who also covers me behind, thus summarizes” Kolo “. There is certainly a fault, but it deserves maximum yellow. The referee interpreted that Kylian was going on his own, so there you go… I think if it’s not Kylian, there’s no red. “

Timothée Kolodziejczak, Ryad Boudebouz and Wahbi Khazri were up against the refereeing of Jérôme Brisard, after his choice to directly expel the Stéphane defender after his fault on Kylian Mbappé. Jeff PACHOUD – AFP

Saint-Etienne was even reduced to nine on the goal of Marquinhos

This little punchline is balanced in an assumed criticism of a “two-speed arbitrage”. However, it is not illogical to think that Mbappé was more likely to score against Nadé than, at random, Jean-Philippe Krasso against Marquinhos in the opposite direction. Claude Puel went in our direction on this subject: “I think there is interpretation. We assume that eventually, Kylian Mbappé will take Mickaël Nadé quickly, right? “.

Jérôme Brisard (of green dreams, sorry) is he wrong to reason in this way? Where the consequences were terrible for the Greens is that Leo Messi immediately received a free kick against a team reduced to nine, Yvann Maçon receiving treatment on the edge of the field. And the Argentinian did not let this windfall slip away to serve Marquinhos, author of the Parisian equalizer of the head (1-1, 45th + 2).

“This very severe expulsion spoils the match that we could have played”

The unfortunate Timothée Kolodziejczak did not discover the existence of this goal until the return of his teammates in the locker room. Did you say Kiss Cool double effect? “We had done the hardest, we had this first goal that could make them doubt, ensures former PSG midfielder Adil Aouchiche. It’s not an excuse, it’s reality: it really got us into it. Faced with spectacular players like that, it’s difficult to defend 11 against 11, so 10 against 11… ”

We were indeed entitled to another match after the break, with an almost complete attack-defense, and Etienne Green ended up cracking against Angel Di Maria (1-2, 79th) then Marquinhos (1-3, 90th). +1). “It is obvious that the expulsion has changed the face of this meeting, sighs Claude Puel. It’s a shame because this very severe expulsion spoils the match that we could have played. “In this regard, we can count on” Kolo “to give a layer.

We had a big first period, we were leading and the referee decided otherwise, this fact of the game is frustrating. This is the turning point of the match. The referee was very severe and favored Paris. But we are not going to argue… ”

“The kops would have helped us to let go or to hold on a little longer”

Too late “Kolo”. We can easily put ourselves in his place, since this PSG, visibly shaken between the defeat at Manchester City (2-1) and the persistent rumors around a departure of Mauricio Pochettino, seemed to be acceptable.

“We fought with our weapons and I would have liked to see this match 11 against 11 until the 90th minute, concludes Wahbi Khazri. Already I tell myself that the presence of the two kops would have helped us to let go or to hold a little more. “Finally, ASSE (20th in Ligue 1) was surprised to have regrets in spades after what the whole group approached as” a bonus match “in its maintenance operation.

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