Ice hockey: Ice Hockey World Championship 2027 in Germany – “Milestone for the DEB”

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Ice Hockey World Championship 2027 in Germany – “Milestone for the DEB”

Germany is hosting the 2027 Ice Hockey World Championship. photo

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In addition to reaching the World Cup semi-finals, the chance of a medal and qualifying for the 2026 Olympics, the German Ice Hockey Federation can look forward to another piece of good news. The 2027 World Cup will take place in Germany.

Ten years after the tournament in Cologne and Paris, Germany will again host an ice hockey world championship in May 2027. In the vote in Tampere, Finland, the decision was clearly in favor of the German application with the venues Mannheim and Düsseldorf.

102 and thus 75 percent of the votes went to the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB), only 34 and thus 25 percent to Kazakhstan as the only competitor. “This is a milestone for the DEB,” said DEB President Peter Merten.

After the surprising semi-finals with the chance to win the first German World Cup medal in 70 years at the current World Cup in Latvia and Finland, the decision in favor of the DEB is the next piece of good news. The surcharge is also financially necessary in order to be able to implement all sporting reforms in the future.

Germany was the host with France in 2017

Germany was considered the favorite for awarding the World Cup in four years, on Thursday the two possible organizers presented their concepts at the World Association Congress. “I congratulate the German Ice Hockey Federation eV on the successful application,” said Federal Interior Minister and Sports Minister Nancy Faeser in a statement from the association. In 2017 and 2010, German fans showed “the passion and fairness with which they celebrate ice hockey and welcome teams and fans from all over the world as friends,” said the SPD politician.

It is still unclear whether the opening game will take place in a football stadium, as was the case at the 2010 home World Cup. “All further talks will take place in the event of an award. But it’s no secret that we would like to repeat that, that we had talks with Schalke and Düsseldorf,” said DEB Secretary General Claus Gröbner. 13 years ago, around 78,000 spectators came to Schalke to watch the opening game of the World Cup, Germany versus USA (2-1 after extra time).

Germany last hosted a World Cup together with France in 2017. In 2024 the World Cup will take place in the Czech Republic with the venues in Prague and Ostrava, and in 2025 it will go to Sweden and Denmark with the venues in Stockholm and Herning. Switzerland will host the 2026 World Cup.


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