“I will quit my duties as director of the IHU in a year” … Didier Raoult plays the clash with the AP-HM

“You don’t change a director like that. “Faced with Bruce Toussaint, on BFMTV, Didier Raoult camped on his positions Friday morning, while the board of directors of the IHU in Marseille should soon meet on his case. He announces that he will leave “the functions of director of the IHU in a year”. In other words not before, while the new director of the AP-HM disclosed in an interview with World want to start the process of recruiting a successor to the controversial Professor Raoult.

“The support of the president-elect”

He claims to have the support of the president of the IHU, Dr Yolande Obadia. And according to him, “it is the elected president who appoints the director, not the board of directors”. “They will not be able to tell me to leave, there are statutes”, he also declared. Adding: “I intended to quit but my scientific council and my board of directors asked me to stay for a year, given the Covid epidemic, which I believe is reasonable. “

“The call to the press to get rid of people is something that is not done”, also judged Didier Raoult, also qualifying the current level of tension in France as “dangerous”. On the vaccination of people at risk, especially people over 80, he repeated his support and decided for a third dose.

According to our information, the board of directors of the foundation which manages the famous Marseille center will meet on September 17th.

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