“I love you, your parade is incredible”, Argentina fan of his goalkeeper

The kind of parades that can decide the outcome of an adventure, even if it’s a little too early to get carried away. The fact remains that the exit of Emilano Martinez in the feet of Kuol, more precisely his successful headline at close range, greatly relieved the Albiceleste in a match suddenly become very difficult for her after a first hour however greatly mastered.

The hero of the Copa America semi-final won by Argentina in 2021 added a new feat of arms to his collection, which earned him almost enamored hugs from his defender Otamendi, among others, who lay on top of him after his stoppage: “I had calf cramps, I I needed to lie down… and also to thank him. I said to him: ” I love you, I love you madly, your parade is incredible! “All Argentina must have thought the same thing, he saved us from an equalizer. Not conceding this kind of goal is celebrated as a hat-trick!”

Emiliano Martinez was quite okay with that: “I kissed the ball, I clung to it, I wanted to keep it with me to eat it, got carried away the goalkeeper of Aston Villa. It’s a moment that will forever be etched in my memory.” Before others to come from the quarter-final against the Netherlands?

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