“I have no hatred against Laëtitia and Vincent”, assures Thomas

Thomas, candidate of “Koh-Lanta: The secret weapons” – © A.ISSOCK / ALP / TF1

  • TF1 broadcast this Friday evening the tenth episode of Koh-Lanta: Secret weapons.
  • Appearing physically as the weakest of the candidates, Thomas was unanimously eliminated by members of the reunified tribe.
  • “I prefer to be eliminated because my body gives way rather than being told that I am an unbearable person,” he explains to 20 minutes.

He wanted his revenge, he got it. But Thomas did not take advantage of it for long since he was eliminated from Koh Lanta just three days after Vincent and Laëtitia, whom he considered his rivals. Shortly before the advice broadcast this Friday on TF1, the truck driver was uneasy about the camp of the reunified tribe. “Was my looks an excuse or not?” I don’t know ”, he testifies to 20 minutes.

What precipitated your departure was your physical weakness. How did you feel there after 30 days of adventure?

I didn’t feel good at the end. It is certain that at the time of my release, I was not in great shape, it shows. Afterwards, it is true that my mind had taken a hit with the eliminations of Myriam, Shanice and Mathieu. We know that the mind plays a lot. After the eliminations of Vincent and Laëtitia that I had managed to eliminate, at least with the help of Lucie, it is sure that my mind was better even if they were no longer there. Unfortunately, I can only understand their choice to eliminate me.

As a former yellow, did you feel this was the end for you?

Of course I was the only “yellow” left. Lucie, by stealing the necklace from Laëtitia and giving it to Maxine, proved to everyone that she was 100% red. Flavio is orange because he has never taken a position to say that he is yellow, yellow, yellow. We didn’t know where he was going. The only yellow left was me. Was my physique an excuse or not? I do not know. It’s still a shame because I make a lot of stories, I am a resentful person, I took up a lot of space. I was a “big mouth”, I showed everyone that I wanted my revenge. I had it and unfortunately I am eliminated because I am weak. I would rather be eliminated because my body gives way rather than be told that I am an unbearable person.

In the episode of last Friday, we see you repeat several times to Vincent and Laëtitia that you are going to take revenge. Why so much relentlessness?

In life, I am like that, my relatives have recognized me. I am someone who, when he loves, loves 2,000%. But when I am hurt or the people I like, I am also whole and I openly say that I will have my revenge. Telling them all day who I was going to vote for, I knew it was going to drive them crazy. I wasn’t aware that they had a collar but at least I didn’t hide behind a vote, they knew from the start who I was voting for. You can’t say I’m a hypocrite, I said what I was thinking out loud.

In his interview with 20 minutes, Laëtitia said “He was going too far. It was really hatred, revenge… It was heavy, by force. Are you sorry?

I don’t regret because it’s my way of being. I said it in my portrait: even if I am weaker than people, I will never say it. I will tell them all the time that I am better than them because it has a psychological impact and we know that psychology makes mistakes. We like it or we don’t like it, that’s how I am. After that, to say that it is hatred, gratuitous wickedness… No, it is not hatred. I have no hatred against Laëtitia, I have no hatred against Vincent. It’s just that I don’t like the way they play and I needed to show them. She can tell I have a mean background, I know who I am. I’m just someone who doesn’t like people hurting the people they love. I showed them that they had betrayed the yellow family. Humanly, I don’t know her any more than that, I haven’t gotten to know her, she’s not someone who interests me. I think we don’t share the same outlook on life. That’s not why I hate her. She makes her life, I make mine, that’s all.

Some viewers do not understand that you can still blame Vincent, six months after the shooting …

I get a lot of insults but I don’t blame Vincent for more than that right now. He doesn’t interest me, but he’s someone I valued. At the start of the adventure, when we made the teams, I told Aurélien to take him because he seemed to be a good person. We took it, we were close, we had a good laugh. Even if he didn’t agree with our choice to eliminate Laure, I made the mistake of putting pressure on him. If he had come to speak to me, of course we should have followed Vincent’s vote. Looking back, of course we should have voted against Magali. What I regret is that he voted against Shanice, a member of his family, a yellow. I’m angry with him because he’s the one who stabbed him the first time.

You were the “big mouth” of the season. Do you regret the image that is given of you?

I don’t regret my image. On social networks, I have everything: people who love me, who hate me. You can’t please everyone. I am like that in life, I have a big mouth but I am not a bad person.

What do you remember from your 30 days of adventure?

I lived an unforgettable adventure, unforgettable encounters. I had the chance and the privilege to participate in this adventure. I did it for myself, personally, and for my sick dad. I think I took up the challenge, I did thirty days. It is already very beautiful for someone who has a big character. If someone calls me and I have the chance to leave, I will be different because I will prepare myself better physically.



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