“I dreamed the night” by Andrea Breth at the Berliner Ensemble – Kultur

Something is wrong in this office. The slightly winding corridor, which narrows like a funnel, runs towards a door at the back, like an entrance to the underworld. The walls are covered with gray fabric wallpaper, the doors appear solid and heavy, we are obviously on a floor for higher-level employees (stage: Raimund Orfeo Voigt). But even if they wear old-fashioned suits and gray business suits like those from the 1950s, the occupants of this office wing are not quite from this world. Sometimes they lie on the ground like corpses. They nervously press against each other, dance merrily along the corridor or fall halfway out of the walls. And they keep singing! Andrea Breth has staged a poetic excursion into the realm of dreams at the Berliner Ensemble, in which astonishing office inmates haunt like ghosts in a haunted castle.

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