Hype app Temu storms the Germany charts – how serious the shop is

Headphones for 9 euros, fashion for less than 5 euros, home accessories from 2 euros – the hype app Temu is storming the charts in Germany with incredible discounts. In the USA it has long been one of the most popular downloads. But what is behind it?

Temu launched in the US last year. Since September, the associated app has been firmly established in the charts and, more than six months later, is still one of the most popular downloads for Android and iOS. Temu recently launched in Germany too – and stormed the app charts with discounts in excess of 90 percent.

At first glance, Temu is a kind of second wish, i.e. a shopping platform that offers countless goods for very little money. Temu advertises that you can “feel like a billionaire” when you shop there. Mainly because you can get a lot of stuff for very small prices, giving the impression that you can afford everything.

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