Hybrid meat at Lidl, Aldi and Co .: What is it all about?

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Hybrid meat at Lidl, Aldi and Co: what’s behind it?

Lidl brings hybrid products with meat and jackfruit to the refrigerated shelf

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Hybrid meat is not pure meat, nor is it a meat substitute, but something in between. The discounters are selling the ominous mix this week. What’s it all about?

It is not a half or a whole, the hybrid meat that is currently on the rise at discounters. It all started with the Swiss supermarket chain Migros. The previous year there was the product “The Mix” on the refrigerated shelves, which is supposed to help eat less meat by containing less meat in the product. So what’s in there?

In the “The Mix” product line, which includes minced meat, burgers, grilled sausages, meatballs and nuggets, the burgers contain 51% beef, the remaining 49% consist of pea protein, mushrooms and spices.

Less meat and more vegetables

The idea behind these products is to help people reduce their meat consumption while adding more vegetables to their diet. Sounds absurd? But makes sense from an ecological point of view. Half as much meat automatically means half as much CO2, half as much water, and half as many other emissions.

Because Germans still eat too much meat: In total, we consume 84 kilograms per capita per year. Experts agree that a number that is getting smaller from year to year, but is still too high. On the other hand, the trend towards meat substitute products and more conscious nutrition is increasing steadily: Estimates assume that almost 480 million euros will be generated in Germany with vegetarian and vegan meat substitute products in 2022. Read more about this here!

Only a short time later, Rewe followed up with minced meat and sausages in the half-half style under the brand name “Better Half” and Netto with its hybrid product “Less Meat”, whose minced meat is mixed with peppers, carrots and onions. A 400 gram tray costs 2.99 euros.

Lidl and Aldi offer hybrid products

In January, the discounters Lidl and Aldi will follow suit. Lidl has developed four different products: minced meat and burger patties enriched with jackfruit. The fruit has long been an insider tip in the meatless diet because of its fibrous structure. Viennese and poultry sausages with chicken, vegetables and the latter with soy protein are also available in the refrigerated shelves.

The discounter Aldi is also offering its hybrid product “Iss neu” salami, which uses 50% meat, based on the same concept.

How the half-half foods taste in the end and whether they are really an adequate substitute for conventional meat and sausage products, everyone has to decide for themselves. The supermarkets and discounters give the consumer a product that could help to reduce meat consumption and could even lead to a meat-free diet. It remains to be criticized, however, that none of the hybrid products relies on organic meat. There is still room for improvement.

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