“Hunger Games” prequel: Jason Schwartzman also joins the cast

Hunger Games Prequel
Jason Schwartzman is also joining the cast

Jason Schwartzman will be part of the Hunger Games prequel.

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Another major role in the Hunger Games prequel has been cast: Wes Anderson favorite Jason Schwartzman joins the cast.

The well-known cast of the “Hunger Games” prequel “The Song of Birds and Snakes” is growing and growing. Now, according to the US industry website “The Hollywood Reporter” also announced Jason Schwartzman (42) as a newcomer. The role of the actor, who is best known for his constant collaboration with director Wes Anderson (53), has already been revealed.

Schwartzman will play the character Lucretius “Lucky” Flickerman, the colorful host of the tenth edition of the so-called “Hunger Games”. In the “Hunger Games” series, there was already a character with the same last name and profession – Caesar Flickerman, played by Stanley Tucci (61). So Schwartzman will play an ancestor of the ruthless entertainer.

main cast stands

A large part of the most important roles for the prequel should have been found. The female lead, Lucy Gray, will play “West Side Story” newcomer Rachel Zegler (21). The young version of the monster Coriolanus Snow was cast with Tom Blyth (27). Also present are “Euphoria” star Hunter Schafer (23) as his cousin Tigris Snow and Josh Andrés Rivera (27) as Sejanus Plinth.

Francis Lawrence will direct again. He had already shot all three sequels of the first part from 2012. The film is based on the 2020 book of the same name by Suzanne Collins (59), which takes place decades before Katniss Everdeen’s adventures in “The Hunger Games” – so Jennifer Lawrence (31) will not appear in it.


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