Humpback whale: Divers film the animal up close

Watch the video: Magical Encounter – Divers get up close and personal with Humpback Whale.

Unbelievable: This dive group encounters a nine meter long humpback whale.

Sep 2022
French Polynesia

This humpback whale accompanies the group’s dive for about an hour before moving on.

Professional diver Kayleigh Grants films the incredibly close moment with the marine mammal.

Fortunately, humans are not on the whale’s menu.

Nevertheless, this moment was not without danger due to the size of the animal.

“In a situation like this, you have to be careful. Just because of its size, a swipe with its tail fin can be dangerous for a human.” -Kayleigh vs. SWNS

Experiencing such a close moment with a whale is extremely rare.

Kayleigh has had few moments like her in her decades-long career.

The group reports that the marine mammal was very curious and playful.

“It feels like you’re babysitting a 40-ton animal. The way the animals play is very close to how a toddler behaves.” – Kayleigh vs. SWNS

The incredible moment with the animal will surely stay in the memory of those present for a long time.

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