Hugh Jackman: Professional help on the set of “The Son”

Hugh Jackman
Professional help on the set of “The Son”

Hugh Jackman’s new film The Son hits theaters on January 26th.

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Hugh Jackman reached his mental limits on the set of his new film “The Son”. His father died during filming.

The shooting of his new film “The Son” (from January 26 in cinemas) demanded a lot from Hugh Jackman (54). The actor revealed this in an interview with the “BBC”. In the drama, Jackman plays the stressed-out father of a teenage son struggling with depression.

The subject of the film and the fact that it was shooting again after a long break from Corona scared Jackman. “I’m probably one of those people who would least describe themselves as utter chaos,” he explained. “But I certainly was during that time.”

Hugh Jackman’s father died while filming The Son. Despite the grief, the Australian didn’t take any time off from work. “My dad has never really missed a day of work in his life,” the actor said. “I imagined what my father would say and he said, ‘Go to work'”.

Psychological support privately and on the set of “The Son”

Nevertheless, Hugh Jackman suffered from insomnia. “I realized how vulnerable I was.” He sought private psychological help. But psychologists were also on the set so that the actors had someone to talk to about the mentally demanding subject. “It was the first time I’ve seen anything like this on a movie,” said Jackman. “And people used it, too.”

Although there’s an “old-school part” in his brain that says he should take care of his own health, Jackman applauds the production company’s move. “It would certainly be a sign from the employer that it’s really important to look after the whole person. Not just pay, but their well-being in all forms.”

“The Son” as a follow-up to “The Father”

“The Son” is the new film by “The Father” director Florian Zeller (43) – and something like a follow-up film. Anthony Hopkins (84), who won the Oscar for best actor for “The Father”, makes a brief appearance in “The Son” in his role from the predecessor.

Hugh Jackman could emulate Hopkins by winning an Oscar. At least one nomination seems likely in professional circles. He has already been nominated for the Golden Globe.

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