How students make fun of the Crous with the “Crousbloungs” mascot

A brand new character has appeared on social media for some time. “Crousbloungs”, a superhero-like mascot, a little overweight, has become part of the daily lives of scholarship students who regularly share their experience with the Crous (Regional Center for University and School Works).

Dressed all in white and orange, this character was born from the imagination of two Internet users, who first tried to make people believe that it was the official mascot of the organization, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Teaching. But the fake superhero very quickly became a meme, used today by Internet users to criticize the Crous and the living conditions of students.

A parody tool to highlight system failures

It all started in early March, when internet users @KickSama and @circonflexe revealed the pseudo “existence” of Crousbloungs. “I discovered that today the Crous has a mascot called Crousbloungs who is both brilliant and horrible? “. In order to make this little character believable, some users play the game and go so far as to make photo montages by adding the mascot to Crous posters or to the organization’s website homepage. Others even create a fake Wikipedia page to relate the origin of the character.

In a few days, the drawings of the alleged mascot are widely shared in the student community. And quickly become, beyond the simple attempt to troll, a parody tool to highlight the failures of the system. Abolition of scholarships, too small accommodation, poor quality meals… Some students take advantage of this to criticize the Crous – already often pointed out – and denounce their living conditions. “Warning, I see that your file is poorly filled out, you will have to wait several more months before receiving my scholarships” or even “Heeeeu… Crousbloungs has just broken into my house so that I can reimburse my scholarship, since I did not go in TD yesterday “, ironically wrote some Internet users, with supporting illustrations.

Hijacked and parodied on social networks, this fake mascot has also become a fan artie a work made by a fan inspired by one or more characters. sexy version, even porn, 90s version or even manga, an Internet user had fun compiling in a thread all the fan art of Crousbloungs, and it’s worth the detour!

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