How self-talk can help with problem solving – Knowledge

Talking to yourself is a basic human trait and an apparently useful quirk: it can help boost performance.


Sebastian Herrmann

Do-it-yourself activities awaken the voices in the head. If there are assembly instructions in the game, for example for pieces of furniture acquired through negligence, this applies all the more. Then it is a “cognitively demanding task”, as psychologists would say, and an outlet is needed. So once the do-it-yourselfer has sorted out the individual parts of the product to be built – the long screws here, the short ones there, the weird ones there – the lips form a toneless “So!”, the universal syllable, to signal a start. The silent soliloquy slowly differentiates itself, syllables become sentences. Like a moderator, the Allen key holder now comments on every step of his activity in his thoughts. He begins to insult the designers of the product (“What were you thinking, you idiots!?”), admonish himself (“Now watch out, you deer!”) or express relief (“Finally, it’s possible “). Sometimes this happens silently, sometimes the sentences can be heard.

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