How much do tournament players earn?

Tennis is a sport that pays according to performance (if we forget sponsorship). The more you win, the more you hit. And the more prestigious the tournament, the greater the sums. And Roland-Garros is part of the top of the basket in this area.

The prize money for the Grand Slam tournament is also increasing in 2022 by more than 6.8% compared to 2019 (the last edition of the tournament took place under normal conditions, without a pandemic) to reach a total of 43.6 million. euros.

The singles prize money (main draw) recorded an increase of 1.43% compared to 2019, with a significant increase in the amount of the first round (+ 35% compared to 2019 and 3% compared to 2021). The prize pool for women’s and men’s doubles increased by 6.10% compared to 2019.

A significant effort on the “prize money” of the qualifications

A significant effort has also been made in the qualifications, whose “prize money” has increased by 66% compared to 2019 and by 30% compared to 2021. In the event of elimination in the first qualifying round, the players , housed in the same boat, pocketed 14,000 euros. The amount was 20,000 for the second-round losers, while a defeat in the third and final qualifying round brought in 31,000 euros.

This financial dependence on Grand Slam tournaments was highlighted during the US Open 2020. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the qualifications had been canceled by decision of the American Federation to limit the circulation of the virus. A decision that had angered poorly ranked players.

The winner and the winner will each receive 2.2 million euros

Those who managed to qualify for the main draw of Roland-Garros this year will leave, for their part, with at least 62,000 euros more. The winner and the winner will each receive 2.2 million euros.

Here are the checks that will be paid to Roland-Garros players in 2022:

First round : €62,000

Second turn : 86,000 euros

Third round: €125,800

Eighth finals : 220,000 euros

Quarterfinal : €380,000

Semi final : €600,000

Final: 1.1 million euros

Winner: 2.2 million euros

Two fold ?

First round: 15,500 euros

Second round: 25,000 euros

Third round: 42,000 euros

Round of 16: 79,500 euros

Quarter-final: 146,000 euros

Semi-final: 290,000 euros

Final: 290,000 euros

Winners: 580,000 euros

In mixed doubles?

First round: 5,000 euros

Second round: 10,000 euros

Quarter-final: 17,500 euros

Semi-final: 31,000 euros

Final: 61,000 euros

Winners: 122,000 euros

In wheelchair tennis?

Round of 16: 5,000 euros

Quarter-final: 7,500 euros

Semi-final: 14,000 euros

Final: 28,000 euros

Winner: €56,000

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