How do you become a cult adventurer that everyone loves?

There are two definitions of an adventurer in the Larousse dictionary. It can be a “person who seeks adventure by taste for risk, danger” or a “unscrupulous person, who resorts to intrigue, breach of trust, dishonest speculation. , violence to achieve notoriety, fortune, power. “Although a little pejorative, the second definition is just as suitable as the first to talk about candidates of Koh Lanta.

But in fact, what makes an adventurer or an adventurer become cult during his time on TF1? What should be done (and not done) to make an impression on the public? In 20 years, some have reviewed the things to do in the camp and those to avoid to obtain the status of hero of Koh Lanta. 20 Minutes lists you, in video, the five commandments to be respected to become the darling of viewers.

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