How do experts recognize forged documents? – Munich

Handwriting is often important evidence in cases of fraud and experts like Erwin Sadorf can extract a lot of information from them: For example, whether someone is right or left-handed – but also age, gender and origin.


Joachim Mölter

The grandmother died, she was bedridden for a long time, the relatives were not unprepared. They are only surprised at how little money is left in their account. A lot was drained off before her death to a helpful neighbor, a caring nurse, a caring acquaintance. Bank receipts appear, powers of attorney, everything signed by grandma – supposedly. If, in such or similar cases, the heirs have doubts whether this was done correctly, the documents usually end up in the Forensic Institute of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA), subject area 205: Manuscripts. A team of five then investigates the suspected fraud.


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