How did the newspaper end up in the hands of young Strasbourg footballers?

“Hopla bisame! “, he said, leaving the handrail of the training grounds of the Racing club of Strasbourg to go get his tram. Behind this “hello to all” launched in Alsatian, was a little guy, Antoine Pfaff, cap screwed on the head, the alert verb struck out in an inimitable voice. Better that the young Strasbourg pro players that the retiree followed from the training center were good at training, otherwise the projection was gone. Bringing smiles and laughter from journalists following Racing, retirees who came to discuss the end of fat and Gress (Gilbert, coach champion of France in 1979 with the Alsatian club), high school students or students preferring the grass of Meinau to the halls course, enthusiasts who have aligned their professional activity with that of the Alsatian club.

But why are we talking to you about this little gentleman with the laughing eyes for the 20th anniversary of 20 Minutes? Because it was one of the newspaper’s distributors in Strasbourg. He was peddling it on his own. “Every morning, he took the time at the tram stop to take 20 minutes to bring them back to the locker rooms of our youth teams at the training center, remembers François Keller, director of the RCS training center, then coach. And thanks to 20 minutes [et à Antoine Pfaff], the young people started reading again, leafing through the newspapers and became interested in something other than just sports. »

Meeting me, Antoine Pfaff debriefed me on my morning article on the club, and there too the joke could be as well framed as a strike from young Kevin Gameiro.

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