How David Harbor turned Santa into cheerful scum

It’s Christmas early thanks to Violent Night by Tommy Wirkola. David Harbour, known for his role as sheriff in the series Stranger Thingsembodies a not really recommendable Santa Claus in this comedy as dark as it is brutal which is absolutely not designed for small children as it is reminiscent of the crazy violence of the saga John Wick.

This Santa drinks, vomits on people, swears like a carter, has lost the sacred fire for his mission and is not the last to go to the fight when necessary. And need there is when he finds himself stuck in a huge mansion with a wealthy family and lawless kidnappers led by John Leguizamo. “I was seduced by the irreverent side of the story as by the fact that the film has a heart, explains David Harbor to 20 minutes. The relationship that my character develops with a courageous little girl also motivated me. »

Santa’s Past

The toddler evokes the Kevin of Mom I missed the plane, when she dots the house with traps meant to get rid of the bad guys. Tommy Wirkola, director ofHAnsel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and the diptych Dead Snowis also inspired by Crystal trap to send the white-bearded hero to face heavily armed mercenaries alone. “The training was tough to be able to carry out most of the confrontations myself, recalls David Harbour. During filming, things were not made easier by the beard and the costume which prevented me from breathing and limited my movements. He is doing remarkably well, making him want to be placed on the “nice” list.

“I also found it interesting that we come back to Santa’s past,” says David Harbour. He has not always exercised this function, which explains why he knows how to fight so well. Flashbacks to the days of the Vikings lead viewers from the home where a dysfunctional family tries to survive their assailants seeking a combination of chests crammed with cash. “ Violent Night is a truly original Christmas tale, laughs David Harbour. I’d say it’s designed for the rebellious teen in all of us. The very black humor and the very red blood make grow “ho ho ho” of pleasure in his company before celebrating the end of year celebrations in a more conventional way.

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