“How could this happen? »… Silent march for Flora, who died under the blows of her spouse

In Bondy,

“Her name was Flora. She was born on June 29, 1988 in Banguy, capital of the Central African Republic. She leaves behind four children, a girl and three boys. During her lifetime, she worked as a nursing assistant at the Henri-Mondor hospital. She died on February 11, 2023 in Bondy, France. “In a voice full of pain, his aunt came to pay him a last tribute by participating in the silent march in his honor this Wednesday evening in Bondy. Flora is already the 13th femicide of the year 2023, committed in France. She died under the blows of her spouse, in their family apartment on rue Roger-Salengro in Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The town hall and several associations fighting against domestic violence and defending women’s rights organized this action. Between 100 and 200 people marched from the Town Hall to the station square. “It’s important to be here,” says Ada, a resident of the town. To show our support and to come one day to no longer suffer the blows of the executioners. This is the term that Flora’s aunt also used to refer to men, often spouses or ex-spouses, who commit feminicide. She spoke on behalf of the young woman’s family, whose parents reside in the Central African Republic.

No previous complaint

Samia, who came with her two daughters aged 10 and 14, lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. “It’s so hard to think that it happened where we live, right next to the house. “And even more complicated for this mother to find the right words to explain the inexplicable: “My daughters are in full adolescence. This drama created a feeling of revolt and incomprehension in them, but also in me. So accompanying them to understand how to improve things is the best I can do. They asked to come to the march, and I’m proud of that. »

Residents of Bondy, the mayor of the city, relatives of the victim and associations fighting against violence against women marched through the streets on Wednesday March 1, 2023 to pay tribute to Flora, 34, who died under the blows of her husband. – L. Gamaury/20 Minutes

Throughout the procession, the feeling is the same: how to say the unspeakable? “He killed her in front of the children, explains Mireille to a friend, who accompanies her in the procession this evening. Two of them went out to take refuge with a neighbour, and the others slept next door. It was early in the morning. How could it happen? »

“Apparently no clue could alert his relatives, his colleagues, school or association staff, before the tragedy”, breathed Marie-Christine Mourgue, president of the association SOS women 93, who took the floor. “She was well integrated socially, saw her relatives regularly, took her children to school and to the Bondy football club. »

“He no longer has authority over the children”

Flora’s aunt wanted to question the premeditation: “Are these executioners who beat and kill our daughters really mentally ill as they claim? If so, is it possible that a mentally ill person regularly threatens his victim with death? An investigation for “spousal homicide” has been opened. And Flora’s four children were taken care of by the “feminicide protocol”.

A wreath was laid in tribute to Flora, in the presence of Ernestine Ronai (left), part of the victim's family and the mayor of Bondy.
A wreath was laid in tribute to Flora, in the presence of Ernestine Ronai (left), part of the victim’s family and the mayor of Bondy. – L. Gamaury/20 Minutes

Mayor Stephen Hervé also paid tribute to Assia B., whose dismembered body was recently found in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Finally, a wreath was laid in honor of the 34-year-old Bondysienne, whose spouse was placed in police custody. “The father, who killed the mother, cannot be a good father. He was suspended from his parental rights. He no longer has authority over children, also recalled Ernestine Ronai, head of the Departmental Observatory of Seine-Saint-Denis on violence against women. This is a new decision on which we have worked thanks to our long fight against violence against women. We must continue. »

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