How a questionable assessment by the Paul Ehrlich Institute harms those affected by vaccine damage

Does post-vac syndrome exist after Covid vaccinations? The Paul Ehrlich Institute denies the existence of the mysterious clinical picture and gives poor reasons for it. This has consequences for those affected.

Jennifer Beyer has been ill since July 2021. There is much to suggest that an mRNA Covid vaccination administered at the time is the cause. She wants her case to be recognized as vaccine injury. Her problem: For the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the authority that monitors the safety of vaccinations, her disease does not exist.

When the young woman had an mRNA vaccine administered in July 2021, she was happy with her life. Two years earlier, she had become a mother for the second time and her son was already out of the woods: “I was very active, exercised regularly, and we went hiking on the weekends. It was a relaxing few months.”

Her symptoms began three days after the prick.

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