Household taxes, Darmanin, shooting in Nîmes … What to remember from the interview with Elisabeth Borne

Guest of the program “Ma France” on France Bleu this Wednesday, Elisabeth Borne was questioned on the subjects which concern the French.

No way“to increase household taxes: Elisabeth Borne tried to reassure Wednesday August 23 during the return of the government, “mobilizedon the priorities of the French, while waiting for Emmanuel Macron to clarify his next “initiative” to unblock a political situation that is still just as complex.

There is no question, it is not at all the philosophy of the government, to increase household taxes. On the contrary, we want to continue to lower taxes while obviously being attentive to the purchasing power of the middle classes“said the Prime Minister during an interview on France Bleu.

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No increase in alcohol taxes

Similarly, there are no plans to raise taxes on alcohol. But while the property tax, set by the cities, is expected to rise sharply, she acknowledged that her commitment only concerned the state budget. Regarding the budget to be adopted in Parliament in the fall, the Prime Minister admitted that the increase in medical deductibles “is part of the reflections”. The government thus intends to save money.

While she assured that purchasing power remained a priority for the executive, she also explained that a new “fuel check“Was not on the table, ensuring that we should not expect” a surge in prices “at the pump” in the coming weeks.

“Dreadful drama”

To the question of a woman who is worried about drug trafficking and the consumption of young inhabitants of France, the Prime Minister affirmed that she was aware of the damage of this traffic. “It makes life in some neighborhoods impossible“, she conceded. She thus wanted to pay tribute to the 10-year-old boy who died in Nîmes and said she hoped that the perpetrators of the shooting on Monday August 21 in Nîmes will be “punished to the height» of this terrible drama“.

Interministerial plan on school harassment

Harassment is a scourge. With social networks, it can be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.“, affirmed the Prime Minister who recalled the generalization of the Phare teams from the start of the school year. Elisabeth Borne also assured that an interministerial plan would soon be presented. “From September, teachers will have an average increase of 10%“recalls Elisabeth Borne

There are unquestionably “recruitment difficulties in a number of public service professions“, recalled the Prime Minister. “And that’s why the teachers were revalued“, she continued. “From September, teachers will have an average increase of 10% in their remuneration“, she assured, also calling on teachers to engage in additional missions, such as replacing absent teachers, to earn more.

It is also necessary to give more leeway to the teaching teams“, she proposed to fight the crisis of recruitment of teachers. Nevertheless, “there were more contestants this year“, she insisted.

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“2027 is a long way off”

We are in 2023, we are preparing for 2024 and 2027, it’s a long way off“Said Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday, when asked about her Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who is returning to politics on Sunday in Tourcoing (North) and recently mentioned the presidential election of 2027.

Mr. Darmanin “brings together his relatives in Tourcoing. For my part, my concern is really the cohesion of the government, the effectiveness of government action, the unity of the majority“said the Prime Minister during an interview with France Bleu. “I can assure you that Gérald Darmanin is at work (…) There are concerns about purchasing power, there are concerns about the heat wave, there are concerns about security, the government is at work“, insisted Ms. Borne.

The Minister of the Interior, who campaigned in vain to replace Ms. Borne at Matignon, is organizing his first major political comeback on Sunday in his electoral stronghold in the North, where several ministers, parliamentarians from the majority but also Republicans (LR) are expected. ), on the theme ofpopular classes“.

“Unity of the majority”

What interests me is no longer looking at what happened in 2017 and 2022. What interests me now is what will happen in 2027“, Mr. Darmanin recently declared to the newspaper Le Figaro, criticizing the “technicians” who use “words that the French do not always understand» and the «bobo-liberal leftrepresented in government.

On Wednesday, Elisabeth Borne insisted on the necessary “majority unity“. She received this week the leaders of the three parties making up her relative majority in the National Assembly, Stéphane Séjourné (Renaissance), François Bayrou (MoDem) and Edouard Philippe (Horizons).

For his part, Emmanuel Macron must, in an interview with Le Point magazine to be published this week, reveal the contours of “the major initiative“He intends to take for the return to politics.

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