House of Literature: evening discussion and reading on Annie Ernaux. – Munich

She describes herself as an “ethnologist of herself”. For many, Annie Ernaux revolutionized autofictional storytelling, last year she received the Nobel Prize in Literature. On Monday, June 12, the Literaturhaus is dedicating an evening of talks to the French writer: Iris Radisch, literary critic of the Time, and the head of the Hamburger Literaturhaus Rainer Moritz discuss Ernaux’s work based on selected sections; Actress Sibylle Canonica from the Residenztheater reads the passages.

In her works, the writer tries to “re-capture her own self and to determine the social milieu of origin and advancement,” write the organizers. Its literary-historical importance is therefore beyond question. But Radisch and Moritz also talk about their political statements: These are always controversial, the writer signed calls from the BDS movement, which is accused of hostility to Israel and anti-Semitism. Radisch himself has already criticized this approach.

Discussion and reading “Annie Ernaux in honor”, Monday, June 12, 7 p.m., Literaturhaus, Salvatorplatz 1,

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