Hotfixes from 11/17/22 for Rufer bugs and pre-event problems

from Matthias Brueckle
The hotfixes of November 17, 2022 for WoW are primarily dedicated to the Dracthyr and the new pre-events for the Dragonflight expansion. You should now have less trouble with the Forbidden Island quests and also get more loot during pre-events!

A day after Launch of phase 2 of the pre-patch for WoW: Dragonflight the next hotfixes for the Blizzard MMORPG will also appear directly – the work is never over for the developers! Above all, of course, the new Dracthyr Callers bring their own bugs and problems with them. But even apart from the scaly new player race, there are construction sites that the developers devote themselves to – the new dungeon in Uldaman, pre-events and quests. Check out the full patch notes further down in the article!

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